Isn’t stress weird? Everybody stresses out about different things and it effects us all differently too. When I get stressed out I get the feeling of butterflies throughout my whole body and I feel dizzy. It will hit me randomly, too. I will be doing something, like making dinner, and then think about something that I need to do and I am automatically stressed out for the remainder of the night. It is so important to know what causes your stress and how to effectively handle it. Maybe you like journeling, going for a walk, exercising, talking it out, or baking! I personally like exercising and talking it out. If I keep my feelings bottled up, I will probably end up crying uncontrollably at some point…no joke. Sleep is also insanely important! I know that I don’t get enough sleep during the week and I can tell by Thursday I am running on empty. Sleep is so important and it’s something that I personally need to work on! It effects so many things!

Anywho, on a less serious note here is a picture of the cutest dog in the world that one of my customers brought in!


And here is a picture of the beautiful latte I made yesterday morning. One of the things I like about being a barista is doing latte art! It makes work a tad more fun!


And last but not least…it is officially spring break! My friend and I celebrated by going out getting the best treat in the world, FROYO!! 11077888_932178863480657_1656344788_n

Have a wonderful Satuday! I am off to the gym and to run some errands!

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