Leg Day!

I’m posting my workout that I did yesterday because it pretty much destroyed my legs.

First off, this is one of my most prized possessions. I use it to track my heart rate while I workout and it tells me how many calories I burn! It’s so awesome!



Barbell Squats 1×15, 3×10, 1×6

Plie dumbbell squats 3×20

Leg Extensions 3×20

Lying Leg Press 3×20

Walking Lunges 2×20

Calf Raises 3×20

I then ended the workout with 15 minutes on the stairclimber! This is my setup whenever I do cardio. I love reading, it makes the time fly!



I was trying to take a picture of one my exercises…and the flash on my camera went off. It was embarrassing…and blurry because I instantly threw the camera in my lap.

I hope that you all have a great Monday!

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