Body Image

My main squeeze has been gone visiting his grandparents in Florida for the past few days (lucky him, I know), so I’ve been trying to fill my free time!


I babysit for one of my customers at Microsoft and they have the cutest dog ever! The best part is that they let me take their dog on runs! Her name is Kiera and she is the best running partner. Running + dogs? YES PLEASE! I can’t wait until I can have a dog of my own!

I tried taking a picture of myself and Kiera but it was pretty atrocious, so I’ll spare you.

I’ve also been running with my human running partner, Emily. We are running 3 races during these next 9 weeks so we’ve got to bump our running into gear again. In May we are doing a 5k, a 12k, and another half marathon in June! Today we ran Discovery Park…who wouldn’t want to run up to this beautiful site?


And last but not least, one of my best friends from Bellingham is coming to visit me tomorrow!! I am so excited to see this beautiful soul and spend some much needed time together!

2014-02-09 21.54.51


And on a more serious note, before I let you go for the night, I’m going to talk a little bit more about body image. It is so important to love your body at any stage that it’s in; I’m still learning to do that. Everyday is a little bit different, some are harder than others. I’ve been really trying to focus on what I like rather than what I don’t.

I used to tell myself that magazine covers and commercials didn’t influence how I thought about myself, but how can they not? Seeing flawless women all day long that are photo shopped and airbrushed does change the way girls view themselves, including myself. However, one thing that is really amazing that I’ve been seeing lately, is the change in women that are being portrayed. Fit and healthy is becoming popular and inspirational women are being put on the covers of those popular magazines.

Maybe I’ll talk more about this another time, it’s just a quick thought before I hit the sack!

Goodnight, World!


Shan ❤

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