Lake Wenatchee

I love camping, it is one of my favourite things to do! My main squeeze and I have been slowly adding items to our backpacking supplies list and we have almost everything! The only thing that I need is a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. I use to think that sleeping pads weren’t important…but I have learned first hand that they are.

This past weekend my friend and I made our way over to Lake Wenatchee! It was the end of our spring break and we figured that we had to do something besides just work! We looked up a campsite and when we got there nobody was there except for us! Plus the campsite was free!


It was pretty fun to go by ourselves and explore! After we set up our tent we went for a hike that we saw on our way to the campsite! The hike was pretty short, probably 1.5 miles, and lead up to Hidden Lake; it was sure pretty!


And we were pretty proud of the fire that we made…


When we put up the tent we decided not to put up the overhead thing because we didn’t think it was going to rain…never assume this if you are in Washington! While we were still sitting around the fire it started raining and we had to quickly put everything away and put the overhead fly on the tent. We moved pretty quickly! And then the storm hit. It was raining and so windy! Plus we were right by the water and it was loud the entire night. It probably wasn’t the best idea to put our tent by the water…

When I woke up my sleeping bag was wet…plus I didn’t have a sleeping pad or a pillow and I was not comfortable! Needless to say we were both pretty exhausted and we hit up Starbucks in Leavenworth…


We may have failed at camping, but it was a lot of fun and that’s all that matters! And everything that we saw was beautiful! Also, the mountain across from the tent did not have snow on it the day before…thank you, storm.


Overall, it was a great weekend.



Have a great day! ❤

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