Ms. Maxon

I love being called Ms. Maxon.


When I walk into my 3rd grade classroom and I hear whispers across the room of, “Ms. Maxon is here! Ms. Maxon is here!” it makes my heart swell. Creating lesson plans, teaching, grading papers…it can get overwhelming but I love being in the classroom so much! ❤

This past Tuesday my class was doing some state testing so I spent my afternoon in a different 3rd grade classroom. When I went back to Room 107 (my normal class) to say goodbye to my cooperating teacher I had the sweetest little boy come up to me and exclaim, “We missed you today, Ms. Maxon!” I could have cried right there. It was a good day 🙂


I also love dressing up to be a teacher. I always told myself I would never wear a maxi skirt…but this thing feels like I’m not wearing pants. The perfect outfits are the ones that are cute AND comfortable! Booya.


This week I started up again with logging some miles. I am going slowly but surely! Here is what I have done this week!

Monday- 3 miles, chest workout, elliptical

Tuesday- off

Wednesday- 6 miles

Thursday- 2 miles (on the treadmill), leg workout, elliptical

Friday- 4 miles, stairs (death), and a HIIT workout!

The HIIT workout that I did was short but I felt the burn in my legs

Circuit x3

Burpees 10

In and out jump squats 20

Push ups 10

Now I am off to the gym and to do some errands at my favorite place…COSTCO!!!

Have a great day! I’ll be back later today! 🙂


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