Popcorn and Intevals

Good afternoon!!

This week has been a great week! I am a barista over at Microsoft and my customers are part of the health team! I got this great opportunity to train in their awesome gym and do some VO2 tests for them! I also get a Microsoft band for free! Seriously how awesome is that! I don’t think that I know how to write a sentence without an exclamation point at the end…

11131862_942692119095998_2034274839_n 11146033_942692042429339_1471098403_n 11149207_942691915762685_1439406301_n

It is nice and roomy and I am always the only that is there working out! I can do HIIT circuits without getting in people’s way. Booya.
Yesterday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, did a shoulder workout and added in some HIIT in between sets!

Today I ran 3 miles, half of which was incline intervals. Hence the sweaty picture above. I actually almost died running at 10 incline. Then I did some kettle bell swings, burpees, split squats, jump squats, and russian twists. I was a sweaty human, that’s for sure.

Rewind to this morning, I enjoyed this tasty soy latte that I made for myself.


Tell me that little leaf thing isn’t cute! And for lunch I enjoyed a nice juice that I made at work which included carrots, lemon, green apple, cucumber, and ginger. It tasted like heaven.

And during my 1 hour break between work, the gym, and class I am laying on the floor and enjoying my favourite snack.

11129603_942691872429356_377795367_n 11148889_942691899096020_908423818_n

Now I am going to go and saute some vegetables to eat during my 4 hour class tonight.

Have a good night!

xoxo, Shan 🙂

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