Mirror Image

Sometimes when I am out and about, whether it be grocery shopping or running, I  look at the women around me and admire them. I give people compliments all of the time…Is that weird?  I wouldn’t want any woman or man to have negative thoughts about themselves. It makes me sad to think that people are so hard on their bodies, their diet, or how their pants fit.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Ugh, I don’t like that….I wish I could change (fill in the blank)….I need to lose 10 pounds.”  I know I do. And that makes me wonder how I tell other people how beautiful, strong, and wonderful they are, inside and out, but it’s hard to give myself compliments when looking in the mirror? I have struggled my whole life with self confidence, specifically with my body. I remember in grade 5 thinking that my thighs are too big and in grade 8 that I had a muffin top when I wore jeans. I wondered if my shoes were cute enough to wear to school or if my shirt was too tight. I have always thought that there is one, if not more, aspects of my body that I needed to fix. Don’t even get me started on wearing a swimsuit…I am so critical about every aspect of my body. These thoughts have followed me my entire life…I don’t think that they will ever go away, but I work at them everyday. I try to appreciate the strength that I have gained over the past year from lifting weights, the distance that I can now run (that I never imagined that I could do), and my dedication to my health. I try not to obsess over what I eat (been there, done that), and just focus on putting whole, natural foods into my body.

I do this to myself and am so critical, but it makes me so sad to think that other people do it to themselves too. How weird is that? So my dear friend and I were talking, specifically about compliments. I decided that whenever somebody gives me a compliment I am going to write it down and stick it in my purse. Generally people don’t give out compliments maliciously, they come from a good place. I believe that compliments, whether simple or extravagant, can make somebody’s day better. So while I work on myself, I will continue to try and make other’s days better, and pocket the wonderful things that people say to me to keep them as a reminder.

2014-05-18 13.08.07

Keep smiling and don’t be so hard on yourself. ❤


Shan 🙂

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