The Color Run and a Little Baseball

Sunday morning the boy and I started out our day with running in the Color Run! It sure was fun getting colored while I was running!


Cody never runs with me but I persuaded him to do this race with me…finally!!

The race was fun but I don’t think that I will do it again. While we were going through the color stations we had to walk, plus there were just so many people in general…and a lot of walkers. Walking isn’t bad! I just prefer to run the entire time. I guess I am a snobby racer…

But, Cody and I passed everybody and were only passed by 2 people throughout the 3 miles…you bet we kept count!

11245255_849019525134892_983898489_n 11251523_849019571801554_995989744_n

It was sure fun running with Cody! He never runs but he is still faster than me. He was nice and waited for me, even when he wanted to be a speedster and pass everybody in front of him.


After the run we went to the Mariners game with Cody’s family and it was fun! We won and we got to see the King pitch. It sure is nice to see your team win!

11100639_959320897433120_1277100074_n 11251540_959320957433114_560656918_n 11257653_959320924099784_2121806103_n 11258581_959320944099782_379233608_n 11259019_959320917433118_457529679_n

That’s all I have time for today…I have a lot of homework and a lesson plan that I need to work on! Teaching a lesson on math tomorrow morning!

Have a great Monday everybody!!



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