2 days 7 hours and 5 minutes

In 2 days 7 hours and 5 minutes I will be running the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon…I am slightly terrified. I have not been preparing/training as much as I should have been so I am actually considering ordering a wheel chair and having it waiting for me at the finish line. I am only kind of kidding.

Last November I ran the Seattle half marathon and it went really well, but I trained for that one..


I am going to be so sore…

In just a tad I am going to go out and run 6 miles…multiply that by 2 and add a mile and you’ve got the half marathon! That’s what I keep telling myself.


Yesterday was my last day in my third grade classroom and I got cards from all of the kiddos and they were so adorable I wanted to cry. Kids really know how to make you feel good about yourself 😉 Plus I got a gift card to Barnes and Nobles! I can’t wait to pick up some kid’s books!

And flashback to this weekend! It was MY BIRTHDAY!

Cody took me to the San Juans and we went on an orca whale kayaking tour! It was so amazing. We didn’t see any whales but it was still so so amazing.

984159_972168892814987_5224533865829748578_n 11391229_972168839481659_2238367027114740009_n 11391366_972168866148323_9032803440503067010_n 11392855_972168852814991_5952637885410055954_n

Plus I got a double scoop ice cream cone with birthday cake flavor and chocolate chip cookie dough. It was so amazing.


And because I turned 21 my old roommate and best friend came down to see me…and she brought wine.


It was a good night. She is one of the best friends that a girl could ask for and I love her dearly.

That’s all for now folks! On Saturday at approximately 10 am I will be laying on the couch icing my legs and don’t plan on getting up so I will write all about the race!

Have a great day!


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