A Break!

It has been SO warm here in Seattle. Because of that, it was perfect timing to take a two week break from running after my half marathon! Running starts back up tomorrow! I’ve still been working out everyday, just not running. I love fitness and I love how there are so many different ways to stay active, healthy, and fit! After running, the next best way I love to get in a good workout is to lift! I love seeing and feeling myself getting stronger. Plus…I can do ONE un-assisted pull up now! How is that for improvement?! At least for me! 🙂

Also, who doesn’t like to get in a little cardio with the stairmonster? 😉 That machine is killer. But I always feel like a beast after I am done with it! Today in the gym I did some HIIT circuits and got this flattering picture of me 😉


Also I ate this as part of my post workout snack…


If you haven’t tried this I think that you should. They make  several different flavours and have about 6 readable and natural ingredients. Protein almond butter that is flavoured like dessert!? Yes please!

For lunch every day I have been having a smoothie, which I get to make at work for free. It is pretty awesome. I have been juicing brussels sprouts, cauliflower, green apple, carrot, lemon, and cucumber and then blending the juice with spinach and some sort of frozen berry or mango! It is so delicious!


Also this past weekend Cody and I went out to lunch with his mom and little brother and I got this delectable salad…Oh yum.


And since most of my pictures on here of me are sweaty…


Moving on to yesterday, Cody and I went for a day hike and it was absolutely beautiful! We hiked up to a cliff that overlooked the lake, and then hiked down to the lake! It was so nice to walk into the water and cool off.

11652052_984199261611950_299162321_n 11657394_984199284945281_1795480844_n 11696570_984199274945282_1035951640_n

I love hiking so much. It is a great workout plus you get to see amazing and beautiful sights. Nature is just so gosh darn pretty.

Have a great week and get in some good sweat sessions!


Shan 🙂

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