It’s Been Too Long!

Well, I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging, but I am back! 🙂

A little talk about running before I chat with you about my life! I have decided to run another half marathon in November! This one is the Historic Half up in Vancouver BC and I am so excited. I’ve taken a little break from consistently running and have only been running when I really want to. I’ve mostly been working on lifting weights and doing cardio in other ways, such as the deadly stair-master. However, starting on September 21 I am going to start my half marathon training! Until then I will just be running with friends at leisurely paces for fun! 🙂

Wednesday is my last night of class and then I get a whole month off of class! I am so stoked and ready for a little bit of relaxation. I will still be working but not having class will be amazing!

A few things that have been going on in my world include school, work, spending time at the gym, and hanging out with the guy.


He was in Okinawa for about 3 weeks visiting family and I sure am glad to have him home!

Yesterday we hit up Wild Waves, which is a theme and water park in our area. It was such a blast and we only felt a little bit nauseous by the end!



Have a great day everybody!


Shan 🙂

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