Quality Vs Quantity

Well this weekend was a blast! I got to see my old roomies from good ‘ole Bellingham and boy oh boy do I miss them on a daily basis. It always surprises me that, with the best of friends, you can go weeks without seeing each other but nothing changes.

Call me cheesy, but I have always looked for quality rather than quantity with my friendships. I enjoy friendships that contain laughter and silly conversations but also friendships that are built with honesty and loyalty.

Sometimes I feel that people are constantly looking for acceptance, myself included, but I have found that I am more confident with myself and don’t need validation from others when I find peace with where I am at.

I think that these things can really relate to running because in order to meet your race or running goals you need to have quality runs. Quantity isn’t always the answer. And when you have an awesome run that means that you are doing something right! It’s important to acknowledge what you are doing in your life to help you achieve these runs, such as enough sleep, nourishing your body the right way, recovery/rest days, incorporating strength training, etc. It’s important to run for yourself and not base your happiness or confidence on comparisons with other people.

As my half-marathon training approaches I am constantly thinking about my reasons for running and how to make those 10 weeks of training my best yet. If you have any great reasons for running or tips feel free to share!


Have a great day!

Shan 🙂

PS. The above photo was taken by my cute best friend, Amanda Hoffmann xothelittleladybug.com

5 thoughts on “Quality Vs Quantity

  1. SNL on the Run

    Thats so true, quality is way better than quantity! I always try to remember why and where I started when it seems like I’m having a hard time motivating myself. It always reminds me that I have come so far and changed my life, and that I don’t want to quit now!
    Good luck with you training!


  2. Shannon, I love this post. I couldn’t agree more. It’s so important to have friends that will enrich your life rather than burden it. I love you so much! ❤ So honored to call you a best friend and sister/cheetah sister. 😉


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