One Day at a Time and Lots of Pumpkin!

I have always known that I get stressed very easily, and this past year, that fact has become more evident. If there is something that is out of my control, if there is something that I need to get done but haven’t yet, money, tests, scheduling my days, or as Cody likes to say “things that you know, and things that you don’t know stress you out.” So pretty much everything. But something really important that I have learned about myself is that if I just take one day at a time, and not look too far ahead, then my levels of stress drastically decrease.

Often times I find myself becoming stressed about the unknown, or my ability to handle future situations that aren’t even in my line of sight.

This really relates to my running because sometimes during longer runs (or just when I am on the treadmill 🙂 I can only think about how much further I have to go and it makes me anxious. But if I just focus on completing each quarter mile and my times for each, then my run is more relaxing and enjoyable. When I am running in the present mile, I am running in the moment. And this is the same in life! When I live in the moment and don’t focus on everything that could stress me out, I enjoy my days just a little more!


(photo by my cute friend

And on a different note, whoohoo! I sure do love the weekend “a latte” (see what I did there?;)

12166714_1039534592745083_84438422_n 12167682_1039534692745073_1780812643_n

Yesterday I went running with a friend and she took me to this really awesome trail. It kind of kicked my butt because there were so many hills over a short distance…my legs were on fire!

12165793_1039534526078423_452420212_n 12168015_1039534569411752_43510643_n


And Cody and I painted our pumpkins this weekend! His is still in progress, but mine is complete! I painted some bears because they are my favourite. And then we hit up Trader Joe’s and I went pumpkin crazy. You could say it was a pumpkin filled weekend!


And right now the Codester and I are watching the Seahawks game and then we are heading out to go play a little football ourselves with a HIIT workout added in there!

Also I posted my workout from this morning below! I did shoulders and glutes because they are my favourite 🙂

4×15 weighted cable kickbacks

4×10 barbell thrusts

4×10 db side raise above head

3×10 side lateral raises

3×10 barbell shoulder press

3×20 weighed step ups

Have a great day everybody!

Pumpkin Season and A Good Shoulder Workout

Hey everybody!

Now I know that it’s only August, but anybody else have cravings for pumpkin? I do! I love pumpkin everything so I decided to share my favourite pumpkin cookie recipe with you! I got it from Pinterest but changed it a little bit to make it my own! It’s not the healthiest recipe, but it’s also not the worst!


1 Cup Pumpkin Puree

1 Egg

2 Tablespoons Cinnamon

1 Tablespoon Nutmeg

1  Tablespoon Pumpkin Spice

1 tsp Baking Soda

2 Cups Flour

1 Cup Sugar

1 Cup Dark Chocolate Chips (But I really I just dump the bag upside down until the amount looks good to me 😉

1/2 Cup Oil

1 tsp Milk

1 tsp Vanilla

  1. Set oven to 375 degrees
  2. Mix oil, sugar, pumpkin, vanilla, and egg in one bowl until smooth.
  3. Mix flour and all spices together in a bowl. In a small bowl, dissolve the baking soda with the milk. Add both the dry flour mixture and the wet baking soda mixture to the pumpkin mixture. Mix well.
  4. Add chocolate chips (as many your little heart desires 😉
  5. Using a spoon (cookie scooper if you have one) to scoop equal mounds of cookie dough onto baking sheet.
  6. Cook for 8-10 minutes!

These cookies should come out big and fluffy! They are so delicious! Last time I made them Cody ate 8 in one night…

11880957_1010300159001860_852657264_n 11903278_1010300142335195_457491108_n

I hope that you all love ’em as much as I do! Maybe eating pumpkin flavoured things will bring Fall faster!!


And on a different note, I had a great shoulder and ab workout today and I thought that i would share it!

Superset –> Barbell Press & Barbell Raises 4×8

Arnold Press 4×6

DB Shoulder Press 4×8

One Arm DB Side Raise 4×10

ABS x3

50 Russian Twist with 10 lbs Medicine Ball

12 V-Ups with Med Ball

30 Plank Hip turns

Shoulder Burnout with Band x3

Side raises 10

Front Raises 10

Press 10

Have a fit day everybody!!


Shan 🙂

Costco and Fruit Salad


It’s been a few days since I’ve written! Let’s rewind back to Friday; I went and saw Cinderella with my main squeeze and it was so cute! Even he liked it, and he’s not one for fairy tale movies. There was a little girl crying in the theatre during the movie saying, “It’s just so sad!!” Seriously, too cute.

On Saturday Cody’s family came down to see us and we spent the day walking around UW and the Asian market in the international district. His mom bought us this yummy octopus that we had for lunch on Sunday! Yum yum yum!


I always make us an egg white and veggie scramble on the weekends accompanied by some fruit. We get up at different times during the week so I like eating breakfast together when we can!

11160347_945242542174289_358770972_n I love veggie scrambles!

And then we went to one of my favourite places in the whole entire world; CostCo!!!


He thought I was taking a picture of him, but really I was just trying to capture that delicious looking watermelon in the background… 😉

And as soon as we got home I got right to work making this masterpiece. Fruit is one of the greatest things on earth.



Moving onto my workouts! I took Saturday off because family was here, but the last few days were full of sweaty workouts!

On Sunday I ran 6 miles. It was a good time.

Yesterday I did a full body weight workout at the gym:

Leg Extensions 3×12 with 10 jump squats between sets

Barbell bicep curls 3×10

Close grip lat pulls 3×10

Wide grip lat pulls 3×10

Triceps pull downs 3×10

Bench 1×12, 3×10, & 1×5

Lateral shoulder raises 3×10

I then drove to Green Lake and ran 3 miles in the POURING DOWN RAIN. I loved running in the rain. I didn’t listen to any music. I just ran, listening to the rain, my footsteps, and my breathing. It was glorious.

11091381_945242358840974_2131027218_n 11145946_945242282174315_1760834085_n

And today I did the elliptical for 30 minutes, ran 2 miles on the treadmill, and did some HIIT circuits which included a kettle bell, a box jump, my own body weight, and some mountain climbers.

I’ve been having a fruit and veggie smoothie/juice everyday at lunch and I feel so good. It’s amazing what a little extra beets, spinach, and fruit can do for you!!

Last but not least…the Microsoft Health team gave me a Microsoft band!! It is so awesome. It has a gps which I tested out yesterday during my run and it was spot on! It shows you your splits, average pace, where you were slowest/fastest on your route, and your calorie burn. It is so awesome. Yesterday my average pace was 8 minutes and 41 seconds!

It also tracks your calorie burn, steps, and heart rate throughout the entire day. I find myself looking at the band and the app on my phone all the time. The last part of the bracelet that I love is the sleep tracker. I tested it out last night and I did not sleep well…


I woke up 9 times…and only had 17 minutes of restful sleep. WHAT THE HECK!? No wonder I’m tired every morning!

Alright, now that I’ve babbled your ear off I’ll let you go! Props to you if you made it this far!

Have a great day!


Shan! ❤

Popcorn and Intevals

Good afternoon!!

This week has been a great week! I am a barista over at Microsoft and my customers are part of the health team! I got this great opportunity to train in their awesome gym and do some VO2 tests for them! I also get a Microsoft band for free! Seriously how awesome is that! I don’t think that I know how to write a sentence without an exclamation point at the end…

11131862_942692119095998_2034274839_n 11146033_942692042429339_1471098403_n 11149207_942691915762685_1439406301_n

It is nice and roomy and I am always the only that is there working out! I can do HIIT circuits without getting in people’s way. Booya.
Yesterday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill, did a shoulder workout and added in some HIIT in between sets!

Today I ran 3 miles, half of which was incline intervals. Hence the sweaty picture above. I actually almost died running at 10 incline. Then I did some kettle bell swings, burpees, split squats, jump squats, and russian twists. I was a sweaty human, that’s for sure.

Rewind to this morning, I enjoyed this tasty soy latte that I made for myself.


Tell me that little leaf thing isn’t cute! And for lunch I enjoyed a nice juice that I made at work which included carrots, lemon, green apple, cucumber, and ginger. It tasted like heaven.

And during my 1 hour break between work, the gym, and class I am laying on the floor and enjoying my favourite snack.

11129603_942691872429356_377795367_n 11148889_942691899096020_908423818_n

Now I am going to go and saute some vegetables to eat during my 4 hour class tonight.

Have a good night!

xoxo, Shan 🙂

March 30 Workout

Yesterday I took a jog outside around Greenlake and it felt so good! It was the perfect weather; overcast with a breeze but not too cold. I am very picky when it comes to the perfect running temperature.

Anywho, today I went to the gym and did a bis and tris workout with 30 minutes of cardio at the end!

Here it is! 🙂

DB bicep curls 3*12

DB hammer curls 3*12

Cable curls 3*12

Triceps dips on bench 3*12

Triceps extensions 3*12

And I ended with 15 minutes on the stair climber and 15 minutes on the elliptical! While I was doing my cardio I read this book…


It is so good and I am in love! But after doing my arm workout it was hard to turn the pages 😉

After my workout I ate my favourite post-workout snack accompanied by a blended soy latte with vanilla stevia drops added into it! Delicious!


It really hits the spot.

Not only is it important to fuel yourself properly after training, but it is extremely important to start the day off with the right fuel and nutrients! I have been loving this breakfast —>


Plain greek yogurt with strawberries and pumpkin flax granola! I also add in a few drops of liquid vanilla stevia to add some flavor to the yogurt. It is oh so good.

Make today great! ❤

Leg Day!

I’m posting my workout that I did yesterday because it pretty much destroyed my legs.

First off, this is one of my most prized possessions. I use it to track my heart rate while I workout and it tells me how many calories I burn! It’s so awesome!



Barbell Squats 1×15, 3×10, 1×6

Plie dumbbell squats 3×20

Leg Extensions 3×20

Lying Leg Press 3×20

Walking Lunges 2×20

Calf Raises 3×20

I then ended the workout with 15 minutes on the stairclimber! This is my setup whenever I do cardio. I love reading, it makes the time fly!



I was trying to take a picture of one my exercises…and the flash on my camera went off. It was embarrassing…and blurry because I instantly threw the camera in my lap.

I hope that you all have a great Monday!

WOTD –> Workout of the Day!

Today was back day for me! I personally love working my back because seated rows and lat pulls are up there in my all time favourite lifts!

And just for your pleasure, a picture of me post workout; sweaty and all! My favourite sbux drink of all time and my post workout meal! (1 cup brown rice, 4 oz chicken, and veggies!)

IMG_1589[1] IMG_1590[1] IMG_1592[1]


3×20 wide grip lat pulls

3×20 close grip lat pulls

3×15 seated cable rows

3×15 reverse back flyes

3×15 one arm db rows


Sprints on the treadmill 30 second sprint, 30 second jog for 15 minutes


:45 plank

:45 side plank (both sides)

20 leg lifts

60 bicycles

60 russian twists