March 30 Workout

Yesterday I started off my workout with a 3 mile jog around Greenlake. It was the perfect running temperature. Overcast with a breeze but not too cold! I am very specific when it comes to the perfect running weather.

I then drove over to the gym to do a quick chest workout and spend some time on the elliptical. I have been reading this book…



It is so good! I am in love.


I am about to go hit the gym again! Today is a bis and tris day!

dumbbell bicep curls 3*12

dumbbell hammer curls 3*12

Cable bicep curls 3*12

Tricep cable extensions 3*12

Tricep dips on bench 3*12

I’ll probably do about 30-45 minutes of cardio afterwards, mixed between the stair-master and the elliptical!

And because I know you are dying to see a picture of my food, these are two my favourite breakfasts as of late…

11042005_926088397423037_1550774984_n 11096845_934443796587497_1493214462_n

Egg whites with cheese and plain greek yogurt with pumkpin flax seed granola and strawberries!


Make it a great day!

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