Well it sure has been awhile since I’ve posted! The last week and half have been so hectic and busy, I haven’t had time to breathe. I guess that’s what happens when you work full time and go to school full time. So get ready for an extra long post!

This past week was filled with a lot of assignments, a party for my professor for winning an amazing award from Western, and lots of workouts!

11180131_951458461552697_889141196_n This cake sure was delicious… 😉

Last weekend my main squeeze and I went up to Bellingham to see my best friend for her 21st birthday! It was barbie theme so we were #marathonbarbie and #asianamericanken


And she gave me my Christmas present which included these awesome socks!!


While we were up there we stopped by and said hello to my parents! Along with these little cuties ❤

11130719_951458784885998_600091188_n 11195414_951458761552667_1825046177_n Whiskers and Rufus! The cutest little pets in the world.

And below is a picture of the car that I drove for 4 years. This car didn’t and still doesn’t have reverse. I sure did get into a lot of difficult situations while driving! And the basketball hoop has been with my family since 2001, still going strong.



Now into the most important stuff…workouts and food! Last night I made these delicious protein pancakes with a cake batter protein frosting and a little bit of sugar free syrup.


Mmmmm…It sure did hit the spot.

And this last week I have really stepped up my workouts. It’s been great. I’ve rowed, which I have never done before. It sure is hard, but I love it!


I’ve been logging more hours with my sneakers, however most of them have been on the treadmill. Not ideal but at least I get to run! Last weekend I went to Discovery park and ran the trail that went to the beach a few times…Now that was killer. Going back up was straight uphill + stairs. My legs felt like jello.

I’ve also been doing a lot more HIIT and it feels oh so good. Lots of medball-getups, kettle bell swings, burpees, box jumps, mountain climbers, push ups, and lots of other things!

Wow thanks for bearing with this long and random post! I hope to not let a week and a half go by again before I write! Today we are off to Costco and I am going to hit the gym up later this afternoon!! Have a great weekend and get in some exercise!!



Costco and Fruit Salad


It’s been a few days since I’ve written! Let’s rewind back to Friday; I went and saw Cinderella with my main squeeze and it was so cute! Even he liked it, and he’s not one for fairy tale movies. There was a little girl crying in the theatre during the movie saying, “It’s just so sad!!” Seriously, too cute.

On Saturday Cody’s family came down to see us and we spent the day walking around UW and the Asian market in the international district. His mom bought us this yummy octopus that we had for lunch on Sunday! Yum yum yum!


I always make us an egg white and veggie scramble on the weekends accompanied by some fruit. We get up at different times during the week so I like eating breakfast together when we can!

11160347_945242542174289_358770972_n I love veggie scrambles!

And then we went to one of my favourite places in the whole entire world; CostCo!!!


He thought I was taking a picture of him, but really I was just trying to capture that delicious looking watermelon in the background… 😉

And as soon as we got home I got right to work making this masterpiece. Fruit is one of the greatest things on earth.



Moving onto my workouts! I took Saturday off because family was here, but the last few days were full of sweaty workouts!

On Sunday I ran 6 miles. It was a good time.

Yesterday I did a full body weight workout at the gym:

Leg Extensions 3×12 with 10 jump squats between sets

Barbell bicep curls 3×10

Close grip lat pulls 3×10

Wide grip lat pulls 3×10

Triceps pull downs 3×10

Bench 1×12, 3×10, & 1×5

Lateral shoulder raises 3×10

I then drove to Green Lake and ran 3 miles in the POURING DOWN RAIN. I loved running in the rain. I didn’t listen to any music. I just ran, listening to the rain, my footsteps, and my breathing. It was glorious.

11091381_945242358840974_2131027218_n 11145946_945242282174315_1760834085_n

And today I did the elliptical for 30 minutes, ran 2 miles on the treadmill, and did some HIIT circuits which included a kettle bell, a box jump, my own body weight, and some mountain climbers.

I’ve been having a fruit and veggie smoothie/juice everyday at lunch and I feel so good. It’s amazing what a little extra beets, spinach, and fruit can do for you!!

Last but not least…the Microsoft Health team gave me a Microsoft band!! It is so awesome. It has a gps which I tested out yesterday during my run and it was spot on! It shows you your splits, average pace, where you were slowest/fastest on your route, and your calorie burn. It is so awesome. Yesterday my average pace was 8 minutes and 41 seconds!

It also tracks your calorie burn, steps, and heart rate throughout the entire day. I find myself looking at the band and the app on my phone all the time. The last part of the bracelet that I love is the sleep tracker. I tested it out last night and I did not sleep well…


I woke up 9 times…and only had 17 minutes of restful sleep. WHAT THE HECK!? No wonder I’m tired every morning!

Alright, now that I’ve babbled your ear off I’ll let you go! Props to you if you made it this far!

Have a great day!


Shan! ❤

Running with Kiera and random stuff

It was so hard to get up this morning. I am so very thankful that it is Friday!!! This is what I have to see and smell everyday at work…


The muffins that the baker makes (not pictured) are the best muffins in the world. I have a strong relationship with baked goods. We can just say that the extra carbs are good fuel for my runs 😉

But then for lunch I had a juice along with some meat and veggie stir fry that I made last night! The juices that I make are pretty darn delicious!


Beets, lemon, orange, and ginger! So tasty! I don’t really like beets that much…But I still love this juice. In the background of the picture I am watching Law & Order: SVU. Who watches this? It is one of my favourite shows and always will be ❤

Today after work I went to the gym and did a quick workout which included the elliptical, the box jump, and a kettle bell. I tried out burpee box jumps today and they were kind of hard… 😉

But then afterwards my main squeeze and I took one of my customer’s dogs for a run in the rain! She is THE BEST running dog ever! She stays right by your side the whole time, plus she is extremely cute.



And then she shook right as Cody was snapping the picture! I got extra wet thanks to our running partner! I just love running with dogs!11149058_943200919045118_218927422_n

The boy and I are off to go watch Cinderella now! Has anybody seen it? I just love fairytales and I love love love when they remake the movies with real people!

I hope that you have all had a good week full of running!

xoxo, Shan ❤