Well it sure has been awhile since I’ve posted! The last week and half have been so hectic and busy, I haven’t had time to breathe. I guess that’s what happens when you work full time and go to school full time. So get ready for an extra long post!

This past week was filled with a lot of assignments, a party for my professor for winning an amazing award from Western, and lots of workouts!

11180131_951458461552697_889141196_n This cake sure was delicious… 😉

Last weekend my main squeeze and I went up to Bellingham to see my best friend for her 21st birthday! It was barbie theme so we were #marathonbarbie and #asianamericanken


And she gave me my Christmas present which included these awesome socks!!


While we were up there we stopped by and said hello to my parents! Along with these little cuties ❤

11130719_951458784885998_600091188_n 11195414_951458761552667_1825046177_n Whiskers and Rufus! The cutest little pets in the world.

And below is a picture of the car that I drove for 4 years. This car didn’t and still doesn’t have reverse. I sure did get into a lot of difficult situations while driving! And the basketball hoop has been with my family since 2001, still going strong.



Now into the most important stuff…workouts and food! Last night I made these delicious protein pancakes with a cake batter protein frosting and a little bit of sugar free syrup.


Mmmmm…It sure did hit the spot.

And this last week I have really stepped up my workouts. It’s been great. I’ve rowed, which I have never done before. It sure is hard, but I love it!


I’ve been logging more hours with my sneakers, however most of them have been on the treadmill. Not ideal but at least I get to run! Last weekend I went to Discovery park and ran the trail that went to the beach a few times…Now that was killer. Going back up was straight uphill + stairs. My legs felt like jello.

I’ve also been doing a lot more HIIT and it feels oh so good. Lots of medball-getups, kettle bell swings, burpees, box jumps, mountain climbers, push ups, and lots of other things!

Wow thanks for bearing with this long and random post! I hope to not let a week and a half go by again before I write! Today we are off to Costco and I am going to hit the gym up later this afternoon!! Have a great weekend and get in some exercise!!