5 Things I Do Each Week!

Life has sure been busy these last couple of months but I feel like I’m finally catching my breath. I feel like I am finally getting this teaching thing down (which basically means I only feel like I’m kind of drowning…), I have found some good paths around our house to let Sparty run off leash (technically he’s not allowed off leash but…eh), we got a dog walker, our house is slowly but surely coming together, and Cody and I have been working out together and that is one of our favourite things to do with each other!


With this busy life, I have a tendency to get overwhelmed easily…and with the move and the new job I’ve had to figure out how to slow things down!

So, with this new path of life that Cody and I are embarking on together, I thought I would share the top 5 things I do to help my frazzled brain. Some of these Cody and I do together and some are on my own. These also may seem silly, but they really help!


  1. Set a bedtime. Now, you’re probably laughing, but getting enough sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and physical health! Cody and I go to sleep at the same (embarrassingly early) time each night  and when the alarm clock goes off in the morning we (well I, Cody will never be a morning person) feel so well rested!
  2. We set 5 weekly goals to help us accomplish what we need to get done! They are simple goals but it makes us feel really good when we actually can put a check next to something we followed through with! One of them being tidying the house each night for 15 minutes before we head to bed!
  3. When I have a lot of things to do, I choose just a couple of those things to focus on at a time. When I have 15 things on my to do list I can feel my blood pressure rising, but when I choose the 2 most important tasks and I only focus on those first, I feel so much better. When I do this, whatever I am trying to accomplish usually gets done quicker, and the end result is much better!
  4. I take Sparty for a walk in the mornings (almost every morning). This makes me feel like a better dog-mom, it wakes me up and I feel like I have so much more clarity for the day ahead. It’s only about a 30 minute walk but it feels good to be outside and not have the temperature above 100! I usually take him between 5:30 and 5:50 so I have enough time to quickly eat something and get out the door for work!
  5. I head to work early. If anybody knows me they know that I’m late for everything. We were an hour late getting to our own venue the morning of our wedding… Leaving my house early and getting to work 30 minutes before I’m supposed to ensures that I have plenty of time to get everything ready for the day. Then if I need to chat with another teacher, the principal, or any other staff I have time in my classroom and I don’t feel like I’m the frantic new teacher running around looking crazy!

So, there you have it! Just a few things that we/I do throughout the week. Hopefully this wasn’t too boring!


Have a great week!





A Month of Change

I started this blog about two years ago in an attempt to write about my fitness goals, workouts, and accomplishments. I loved doing that, but although fitness and health are huge, there is more to my life, and I want to transition this space! Between being a newlywed, being a first year teacher, moving to a new state and into a new house, working out is not the only important aspect in my life! Starting now I want to fill this space with all of the different parts of my life, and among that, how I manage to make it to the gym; which I’m still trying to figure out!!


So, until next weekend, I thought that I would reintroduce myself!


  1. On July 30, 2017 I married my best friend and high school sweetheart! The day went incredibly fast and we talk all the time about how we wish we could relive it.




2. The day after our wedding, Cody, Sparty, my best friend, and I got into my Subaru, which was packed to the brim, and hit the road. We dropped Cody off at the airport and Amanda and I headed for Tucson. Not your typical honeymoon but I had the best time driving 1800 miles with my Maid of Honor. We drove along the coast and stopped in Eureka, Glass Beach, San Francisco, Anaheim, and Santa Monica; it was a blast!



3. We arrived in Tucson very early on Friday morning! We tried to get my house together (which was a disaster and completely void of any furniture).


4. And last but not least, I started my new job the following Monday. I am now a 4th grade teacher here in Tucson! It was a whirl wind only having three days at the school before the kiddos arrived but I managed to get the majority of things together with the help of my coworkers!


The past few weeks have been overwhelming to say the least. But it is the type of overwhelming feeling that fills my heart with gratitude.


Until next time!


Shan 🙂

Snoopy and 6 Miles

This past week was great in so many ways! I had a lesson on Tuesday that I taught to my third graders about tables and graphs! When I started I asked the kiddos, “What can you tell me about tables?” And this student raised his hand and said, “I EAT DINNER ON THEM.” It was hilarious and really got the kids into the lesson! Kids have such funny senses of humor, I love it!

After my lesson one of my students told me that I was a really good teacher and gave me this “pocket snoopy”. My heart exploded into a million pieces from happiness.


And this salad is still going on strong in my life.


So delicious. I usually eat two bowls…No regrets.

Also I love sweet potatoes and have started eating them again! Last night I made them but sadly burnt them 😦 But that didn’t stop me from digging in.



And today I also tried out a chickpea cookie dough recipe. It was pretty good and I am more than happy to eat it because cookie dough and all of it’s buttery goodness is one of my favourite things to eat in the entire world.


Of course I added in some dark chocolate chips…

And right after I ate this bowl of heaven Cody went off to an engineering awards dinner! He sure is handsome! However, I was sweaty and ugly so I hid behind him!! (Guests had to pay $75 to go…hence why I stayed home. But I am there in spirit).



I am trying to run 4 days a week and doing other forms of cardio/weight lifting on the other days! Yesterday I got a solid 6 miles in plus a little time on the elliptical. It was glorious. I was a sweaty mess though! I ran down to Green Lake and back, but when I got back I was only at 5.76 miles…runners know that you can’t stop at a number like that…So I ran around my apartment complex until I hit a perfect 6! With a 9:15 average pace. I’ll take it!

Tomorrow I am going to get in 8 miles and a running in an 8k race on Sunday for Type 1 Diabetes!!

I hope that you all have a great weekend! Get outside!


Shan 🙂

The Color Run and a Little Baseball

Sunday morning the boy and I started out our day with running in the Color Run! It sure was fun getting colored while I was running!


Cody never runs with me but I persuaded him to do this race with me…finally!!

The race was fun but I don’t think that I will do it again. While we were going through the color stations we had to walk, plus there were just so many people in general…and a lot of walkers. Walking isn’t bad! I just prefer to run the entire time. I guess I am a snobby racer…

But, Cody and I passed everybody and were only passed by 2 people throughout the 3 miles…you bet we kept count!

11245255_849019525134892_983898489_n 11251523_849019571801554_995989744_n

It was sure fun running with Cody! He never runs but he is still faster than me. He was nice and waited for me, even when he wanted to be a speedster and pass everybody in front of him.


After the run we went to the Mariners game with Cody’s family and it was fun! We won and we got to see the King pitch. It sure is nice to see your team win!

11100639_959320897433120_1277100074_n 11251540_959320957433114_560656918_n 11257653_959320924099784_2121806103_n 11258581_959320944099782_379233608_n 11259019_959320917433118_457529679_n

That’s all I have time for today…I have a lot of homework and a lesson plan that I need to work on! Teaching a lesson on math tomorrow morning!

Have a great Monday everybody!!



Ms. Maxon

I love being called Ms. Maxon.


When I walk into my 3rd grade classroom and I hear whispers across the room of, “Ms. Maxon is here! Ms. Maxon is here!” it makes my heart swell. Creating lesson plans, teaching, grading papers…it can get overwhelming but I love being in the classroom so much! ❤

This past Tuesday my class was doing some state testing so I spent my afternoon in a different 3rd grade classroom. When I went back to Room 107 (my normal class) to say goodbye to my cooperating teacher I had the sweetest little boy come up to me and exclaim, “We missed you today, Ms. Maxon!” I could have cried right there. It was a good day 🙂


I also love dressing up to be a teacher. I always told myself I would never wear a maxi skirt…but this thing feels like I’m not wearing pants. The perfect outfits are the ones that are cute AND comfortable! Booya.


This week I started up again with logging some miles. I am going slowly but surely! Here is what I have done this week!

Monday- 3 miles, chest workout, elliptical

Tuesday- off

Wednesday- 6 miles

Thursday- 2 miles (on the treadmill), leg workout, elliptical

Friday- 4 miles, stairs (death), and a HIIT workout!

The HIIT workout that I did was short but I felt the burn in my legs

Circuit x3

Burpees 10

In and out jump squats 20

Push ups 10

Now I am off to the gym and to do some errands at my favorite place…COSTCO!!!

Have a great day! I’ll be back later today! 🙂