“I’m going to start my diet on Monday”

First, as always, I want to talk a little about what I’ve been up to! And then after that I am going to share a little thing I wrote about nutrition!

I hope that everybody had a fantastic holiday season! It’s always nice to spend time with family and recognize what’s really important in life 🙂

A couple weekends ago my main squeeze and I went and saw the Nutcracker and it was so fun! Those are some serious athletes! I can hardly do a tuck jump and those dancers are jumping all over the place for 3 hours! And they look amazing doing it!


And I spent the last few days hanging out with my cat and reading Harry Potter! He likes to hold my page for me 😉

I did 3 merry miles with my big bro on Christmas morning!



And here is a little thing that I wrote about nutrition and diet…even though what I really wish is that my entire diet could be made up of coffee…that would make life easier 😉



There are a lot of diets out there and some people can find it overwhelming, what with all of the information buzzing around the internet. People claiming that the “Whole-30” and the “Paleo” diet are the ways to go and others claiming that a low fat diet is good because of course, “fat makes you fat.” Because that makes sense…  I’ve heard people make absurd comments about nutrition that makes me question them. Someone once said to me that you shouldn’t eat carbs because they’re bad for you…what?

Up until a couple of years ago I didn’t know much about nutrition which really put a block in my attempt to see changes with my body. Between then and now I have done a lot of research and reading and have learned quite a bit! (I am in no way a nutritionist, so all of this is just my opinion!) Whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, building muscle, losing fat, all of it requires certain/different amounts of nutrients. Each person needs a different amount of macronutrients, which are the nutrients that the body needs in large amounts including proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Proteins and carbohydrates provide 4 calories per gram and fats provide 9 calories per gram.

Fats don’t make you fat, in fact, people need a certain amount of fat every day to support certain hormone regularities within the body, especially women! Fat is a source of energy, aids in absorbing certain vitamins, and is needed for normal growth and development. The USDA says that 20%-35% of a person’s calories should come from fat. Carbohydrates are used for energy and support our bodies throughout the day and in our workouts! Protein is so important and helps build lean muscle, makes important hormones and enzymes, and gives energy to your body when carbs are not available. If a person is eating too small amount of protein then their bodies cannot build muscle, so all of the hard work that’s being done in the gym and the weights that are being lifted, will not lead to anything. Your body can only do so much with inadequate amount of protein. If a woman is trying to build muscle, or trying to just eat an adequate amount of protein, then they should be eating .8-1.0 grams of protein per pound of body weight.

A person can workout like a boss (heheh) but if their body is not being properly fueled then the changes they are looking for won’t happen. The term, “abs are made in the kitchen,” is 100% accurate.

For myself, eating clean makes my body feel best and I follow a certain macronutrient plan based on how many calories I burn a day and what my own fitness goals are. Besides the fact that my body feels best with clean foods, there are health benefits that can only be gained from the foods found on the perimeter of the grocery store.

There is no perfect diet for anybody. Certain things work for individuals while those same things don’t work for others. It’s important for people to research and when trying out new things trial and error is important to learn what works best for your body. I believe that the most important aspect of nutrition is finding something that you can stick with and that you enjoy, otherwise the results won’t last and the process will be un-enjoyable.


I hope that everybody has a great New Years! I have some workouts that I’ve been doing that I am going to share tomorrow!!

Have a great night!


Shan 🙂


The Washington Coast and The First Run

Hey everybody!

I hope that you have had a good day! 🙂 Today marked the first day of my half marathon training cycle! This is the 3rd half marathon that i will be running and I am so excited. I am going to run the Historic Half up in Vancouver B.C. and cannot be more excited. I have two friends that will be running it with me! Whoohoo! The one thing better than running is running with friends 🙂

I ran 3 miles at a 9:00 minute average pace and it felt so good! My goal is to finish the half marathon in under 2 hours and I can’t wait to attain it!


PS I am proud of my baby bicep…

Also, who has had these protein cookies?


They are so good and whenever they are in my cupboard I want to eat all of them in one sitting. Same with the buffbake and the quest bars…It’s kind of a problem.

On another note, my fella and I went on a mini tip this weekend to the Washington Coast! It was so fun! We rediscovered our love for teatherball (I don’t know how to spell that). See in the above picture the bruise on my wrist? That’s from going hard and winning 2 games (out of 7 lol;)


12000095_1023624924336050_20479685_n 12007297_1023624994336043_1080621655_n 12016633_1023624957669380_357944730_n 12022974_1023624827669393_1391606370_n 12032390_1023624814336061_100718662_n

And taken it back to last weekend, I hung out with Cody’s family all day in Seattle while he was at work and it was so fun!


That is his cute mom 🙂

And this is random, but does anybody out there grind their teeth at night? I do and I’ve recently invested in a mouth guard to help out my situation. It is AMAZING. I used to wake up with a headache and throbbing teeth and now most mornings both of those nuances are gone! So here is a flattering picture to show off my newest fashion statement.


All in all it was a good time and tomorrow I’ve got another 3 miles callin my name! Have a great night/day!


Shan 🙂


Today Cody and I hit the gym together! He agreed to go with me because he’s leaving to go Japan for 3 weeks tomorrow. We did an upper body workout and a little bit of HIIT!

4×10 triceps push downs

3×8 dips (assisted for me)

4×10 pull ups (but just AMRAP for me!)

3×10 DB curls


3x :30 ropes

3×10 burpees

3×20 TRX plank to crunch

It was a good workout and tomorrow morning I am going to go for a 3 mile run in the morning to start my day!!



On to a different topic…

Yesterday on my way to the gym I saw a man asking for help sitting on the road with his dog. The only thing stopping me from pulling over and helping him was…well nothing. So I pulled into the mall parking lot, grabbed a few bucks out of my wallet and a granola bar from the box that I keep in my car and walked over to the man. I handed him the things that I brought for him and told him that I wanted to help. I squatted down, pet his dog, and he told me about himself. His dog’s name is Doyle, who was one of the cutest and friendliest dogs of life, and his was Wayne. He was so nice and it was really awesome chatting with him. I learned that he came from a family where alcoholism was apparent and he came out here to do some welding work. The company he was working for didn’t make it and he started hanging out with the wrong crowd. But now he is working to get back on his feet and will be going back to school with the help of the Washington Rehabilitation Center!

The point of this story was to remind myself and everybody else that there are so many people out there who have a story that we don’t know. I usually try and give to the people who are asking for help but I’ve never stayed and chatted with someone. It was really reminding of how much that I have and how thankful I am. Sometimes I get so frustrated over things but I just need to take a step back and be thankful for what I have. I have less than some people and more than some people, but everything that I do have is perfect for me.


Have a great night and a great day tomorrow!



Snoopy and 6 Miles

This past week was great in so many ways! I had a lesson on Tuesday that I taught to my third graders about tables and graphs! When I started I asked the kiddos, “What can you tell me about tables?” And this student raised his hand and said, “I EAT DINNER ON THEM.” It was hilarious and really got the kids into the lesson! Kids have such funny senses of humor, I love it!

After my lesson one of my students told me that I was a really good teacher and gave me this “pocket snoopy”. My heart exploded into a million pieces from happiness.


And this salad is still going on strong in my life.


So delicious. I usually eat two bowls…No regrets.

Also I love sweet potatoes and have started eating them again! Last night I made them but sadly burnt them 😦 But that didn’t stop me from digging in.



And today I also tried out a chickpea cookie dough recipe. It was pretty good and I am more than happy to eat it because cookie dough and all of it’s buttery goodness is one of my favourite things to eat in the entire world.


Of course I added in some dark chocolate chips…

And right after I ate this bowl of heaven Cody went off to an engineering awards dinner! He sure is handsome! However, I was sweaty and ugly so I hid behind him!! (Guests had to pay $75 to go…hence why I stayed home. But I am there in spirit).



I am trying to run 4 days a week and doing other forms of cardio/weight lifting on the other days! Yesterday I got a solid 6 miles in plus a little time on the elliptical. It was glorious. I was a sweaty mess though! I ran down to Green Lake and back, but when I got back I was only at 5.76 miles…runners know that you can’t stop at a number like that…So I ran around my apartment complex until I hit a perfect 6! With a 9:15 average pace. I’ll take it!

Tomorrow I am going to get in 8 miles and a running in an 8k race on Sunday for Type 1 Diabetes!!

I hope that you all have a great weekend! Get outside!


Shan 🙂

Mirror Image

Sometimes when I am out and about, whether it be grocery shopping or running, I  look at the women around me and admire them. I give people compliments all of the time…Is that weird?  I wouldn’t want any woman or man to have negative thoughts about themselves. It makes me sad to think that people are so hard on their bodies, their diet, or how their pants fit.

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Ugh, I don’t like that….I wish I could change (fill in the blank)….I need to lose 10 pounds.”  I know I do. And that makes me wonder how I tell other people how beautiful, strong, and wonderful they are, inside and out, but it’s hard to give myself compliments when looking in the mirror? I have struggled my whole life with self confidence, specifically with my body. I remember in grade 5 thinking that my thighs are too big and in grade 8 that I had a muffin top when I wore jeans. I wondered if my shoes were cute enough to wear to school or if my shirt was too tight. I have always thought that there is one, if not more, aspects of my body that I needed to fix. Don’t even get me started on wearing a swimsuit…I am so critical about every aspect of my body. These thoughts have followed me my entire life…I don’t think that they will ever go away, but I work at them everyday. I try to appreciate the strength that I have gained over the past year from lifting weights, the distance that I can now run (that I never imagined that I could do), and my dedication to my health. I try not to obsess over what I eat (been there, done that), and just focus on putting whole, natural foods into my body.

I do this to myself and am so critical, but it makes me so sad to think that other people do it to themselves too. How weird is that? So my dear friend and I were talking, specifically about compliments. I decided that whenever somebody gives me a compliment I am going to write it down and stick it in my purse. Generally people don’t give out compliments maliciously, they come from a good place. I believe that compliments, whether simple or extravagant, can make somebody’s day better. So while I work on myself, I will continue to try and make other’s days better, and pocket the wonderful things that people say to me to keep them as a reminder.

2014-05-18 13.08.07

Keep smiling and don’t be so hard on yourself. ❤


Shan 🙂


Well it sure has been awhile since I’ve posted! The last week and half have been so hectic and busy, I haven’t had time to breathe. I guess that’s what happens when you work full time and go to school full time. So get ready for an extra long post!

This past week was filled with a lot of assignments, a party for my professor for winning an amazing award from Western, and lots of workouts!

11180131_951458461552697_889141196_n This cake sure was delicious… 😉

Last weekend my main squeeze and I went up to Bellingham to see my best friend for her 21st birthday! It was barbie theme so we were #marathonbarbie and #asianamericanken


And she gave me my Christmas present which included these awesome socks!!


While we were up there we stopped by and said hello to my parents! Along with these little cuties ❤

11130719_951458784885998_600091188_n 11195414_951458761552667_1825046177_n Whiskers and Rufus! The cutest little pets in the world.

And below is a picture of the car that I drove for 4 years. This car didn’t and still doesn’t have reverse. I sure did get into a lot of difficult situations while driving! And the basketball hoop has been with my family since 2001, still going strong.



Now into the most important stuff…workouts and food! Last night I made these delicious protein pancakes with a cake batter protein frosting and a little bit of sugar free syrup.


Mmmmm…It sure did hit the spot.

And this last week I have really stepped up my workouts. It’s been great. I’ve rowed, which I have never done before. It sure is hard, but I love it!


I’ve been logging more hours with my sneakers, however most of them have been on the treadmill. Not ideal but at least I get to run! Last weekend I went to Discovery park and ran the trail that went to the beach a few times…Now that was killer. Going back up was straight uphill + stairs. My legs felt like jello.

I’ve also been doing a lot more HIIT and it feels oh so good. Lots of medball-getups, kettle bell swings, burpees, box jumps, mountain climbers, push ups, and lots of other things!

Wow thanks for bearing with this long and random post! I hope to not let a week and a half go by again before I write! Today we are off to Costco and I am going to hit the gym up later this afternoon!! Have a great weekend and get in some exercise!!



Ms. Maxon

I love being called Ms. Maxon.


When I walk into my 3rd grade classroom and I hear whispers across the room of, “Ms. Maxon is here! Ms. Maxon is here!” it makes my heart swell. Creating lesson plans, teaching, grading papers…it can get overwhelming but I love being in the classroom so much! ❤

This past Tuesday my class was doing some state testing so I spent my afternoon in a different 3rd grade classroom. When I went back to Room 107 (my normal class) to say goodbye to my cooperating teacher I had the sweetest little boy come up to me and exclaim, “We missed you today, Ms. Maxon!” I could have cried right there. It was a good day 🙂


I also love dressing up to be a teacher. I always told myself I would never wear a maxi skirt…but this thing feels like I’m not wearing pants. The perfect outfits are the ones that are cute AND comfortable! Booya.


This week I started up again with logging some miles. I am going slowly but surely! Here is what I have done this week!

Monday- 3 miles, chest workout, elliptical

Tuesday- off

Wednesday- 6 miles

Thursday- 2 miles (on the treadmill), leg workout, elliptical

Friday- 4 miles, stairs (death), and a HIIT workout!

The HIIT workout that I did was short but I felt the burn in my legs

Circuit x3

Burpees 10

In and out jump squats 20

Push ups 10

Now I am off to the gym and to do some errands at my favorite place…COSTCO!!!

Have a great day! I’ll be back later today! 🙂


March 30 Workout

Yesterday I took a jog outside around Greenlake and it felt so good! It was the perfect weather; overcast with a breeze but not too cold. I am very picky when it comes to the perfect running temperature.

Anywho, today I went to the gym and did a bis and tris workout with 30 minutes of cardio at the end!

Here it is! 🙂

DB bicep curls 3*12

DB hammer curls 3*12

Cable curls 3*12

Triceps dips on bench 3*12

Triceps extensions 3*12

And I ended with 15 minutes on the stair climber and 15 minutes on the elliptical! While I was doing my cardio I read this book…


It is so good and I am in love! But after doing my arm workout it was hard to turn the pages 😉

After my workout I ate my favourite post-workout snack accompanied by a blended soy latte with vanilla stevia drops added into it! Delicious!


It really hits the spot.

Not only is it important to fuel yourself properly after training, but it is extremely important to start the day off with the right fuel and nutrients! I have been loving this breakfast —>


Plain greek yogurt with strawberries and pumpkin flax granola! I also add in a few drops of liquid vanilla stevia to add some flavor to the yogurt. It is oh so good.

Make today great! ❤